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Art Television Association

Art Television Association is an open, non-formal international network for public and for professionals working in contemporary art field, artists, curators, galleries and diverse art organizations and institutions, centers, other associations, museums, collectors and others.

International Art Association enables artists to participate in its medias, events and program, to express themselves fully and to become and remain known to professionals and a large audience worldwide, enabling all its members to be involved in art life and in the international contemporary art scene.

By interchanging ideas, information, creativity and knowledge on different art, cultural and media fields and activities, from a variety of countries throughout the world, O Art broadens international art relations, opens a communication space by broadcasting its own TV program worldwide, explores new art medias and creates new links and forms of art. In this way our International Art Association creates new opportunities for artists and institutions and also investigates the ever changing position of contemporary art in relation to society.

The aim of this organization is to stimulate contemporary art by producing and broadcasting internationally a TV program in the form of artwork - Art Television, to facilitate video art production, publishing and exhibiting, to inspire communication and debate concerning the conception and realization of contemporary art projects, concepts and diverse art products, particularly video art and emerging new medias and technologies. The aim of the Association is also to support the members in finding the audience and partners for co-productions of artworks, exhibitions and art projects.

Members of the Association can be artists from all fields of contemporary art or other members can include: art lovers and collectors, curators, cultural managers of exhibition spaces, museums and galleries, free-lance art professionals or all others who feel the affinity or curiosity for contemporary art.

To become a member of Art Televisions Association you have to apply for registration and membership: as an artist or as a member. Both artists and members will have to be selected first and have to fulfil certain conditions to become permanent members.

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