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Horizon Life (the appearance of distance) installation, Oct-Nov 2011


Toby Kaufmann-Buhler

Year of production: 2011

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1 projection/24 screens/1 soundtrack... video documentation of the "Horizon Life (the appearance of distance)" video/sound installation in the "Time (Im)material" show at Gallery 1308, Madison, Wisconsin (up from 10/14 to 11/29/11).
A meditation on distance and presence; using material that I had been developing since the summer of 2005 (and had originally shot while living in London), i finished gathering material for it when we settled in Wisconsin, USA and were becoming very familiar with the long midwestern winter. There is a lot of movement embedded in this piece, and it was the first long work that i developed using my new matrix frame process.
The work for this installation was remixed from this piece: Editor's pick, 5/30/12: "Playing with the medium of multiple channel video installation, Kaufman sets up and creates a space which holds what will become an “organism” of screens, each screen displaying an eye blinking, its hue slightly blue, with a select few screens displaying a much warmer scene of a sunset. The screens periodically cut to an image of a person touching rough textures. All the white paper screens taken together, each blinking out of sync with the others, and floating in a gallery space, installed from above, creates a feeling of an organism or an internal landscape of memory."

Keywords: sunset, horizon, eyes, snow, ice, pacific, ocean, cold, noise, sunrise, shortwave, distance

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