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CONFINED 10-01-2


russell chartier

Year of production: 2009

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Synopsis: In this piece, Russell J. Chartier explores the sense of confinement that many people feel living in large cities despite the many people around them. The piece, created using manipulated footage shot throughout NYC, consists of textures comprised of feedback loops uplinked to satellites then downlinked back to Earth. These “feedback loops” were manipulated with various pieces of broadcast equipment through the looping process and were then further manipulated in the post production process. The textures and manipulated footage were then woven together to create this work. The musical component of this work was created through the use of a granular sampling algorithm developed by the composer, Paul J. Botelho. The algorithm, written in the ChucK programming language, randomly chooses small fragments (grains) from an input sound, shapes their attack and decay, and then creates textures of user-specified density constructed of the sound fragments. The algorithmically-generated textures were then manipulated and layered to create this work. The piece was created through synchronicity—the composer Botelho and video artist Chartier had no knowledge of each other's component and worked only with an agreed upon duration during the creation of their individual pieces. Only upon the completion of both the video and audio components were two components combined to create Confined 10-01-2.

Coauthors: Paul J Botelho

Keywords: Russell Chartier, Paul Botelho, Video Art, NYC

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