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Strange Rain



Year of production: 2015

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In the dog-days of the Australian summer, when day after day of relentless heat evaporates everything volatile, including one's will to move, to eat...we wait for the thunder cracks that open up the sky, releasing the Strange Rain.
When the distant thunder cracks split the air, the deluge begins, as the Strange Rain falls, so falls our anxiety.
The Strange Rain is accompanied by the sweet smell of negative ions charging up the atmosphere, the negative ions flood our senses, giving us a sense of relief, of peace, of release.
This short work is about that experience. Live through an Australian summer and you will understand.
'Strange Rain' is another excerpt from my up-coming installation work, '26 Suicides'. 26 Suicides is a 27 chapter, non-narrative new media installation art work. It is the personal and intimate testimony of my synesthetic life. The 26 Suicides installation uses 10 audio (surround) sound channels and 8 video channels to deliver an enveloping, synesthetic experience.
The video here is an excerpt. It is a single channel video with stereo audio, offering a taste of the installation.
Watch it if you are not afraid of dangerous modern art.

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