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Parisa Ghaderi

Year of production: 2014

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A 3 minutes excerpt
The airport is not a neutral place, but a frontier, a place of conflict, quarantine, redemption, departure and detention. To visualize all these conflicting emotions and mixed feelings people experience every time they are in the airport, I decided to reenact this moment. Video is sculpting in time. The slow motion stretches the time and longing for this moment to last, not forever, but maybe a bit longer. As somebody who left her hometown, I am quite familiar with a range of emotions happening at the departure and how each one is unique in its nature; The moment I left, the moment I returned, the moment my family came for a visit, the moment they left, and the moment I couldn’t find my loved one in the crowd. Touching the barrier instead of the real thing, like touching or kissing the screen, when you Skype, have become a very natural act in the virtual world. It’s always painful not to reach out to the real person. In this 3 channel video, I used projection on the wall, to make the second barrier, the wall, look like glass, transparent, and almost invisible to us, to create a realistic illusion.

Keywords: airport, immigration, non-places,

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