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Fishpass fish


Johana Hartwig

Year of production: 2013

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This video shows footage taken by an ultrasound camera set up to monitor fish passing through the Cardiff Bay Barrage fish pass. The footage features shoals of fish, loan fish and even flotsam and jetsam as they made their way back from sea and into Cardiff Bay. The footage is still in its raw state as captured, as short, low res video files, some were given in real time and some were given speeded up. The clips that have been speeded up are apparently a software anomaly. The footage was only minimally manipulated: the clips were grouped and repositioned into the form of a fish. This video was created during the 'Exorsized' Milkfloat caravan residency at Cardiff Bay Barrage, find out more about this project at
Footage kindly supplied by Natural Resources Wales

Keywords: Fish pass, ultrasound, video art, Cardiff Bay Barrage, Milkfloat residency, Natural Resources Wales, Cardiff Harbour Authority

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