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A Saw in the Sound Garden at the Experimental Television Center


Toby Kaufmann-Buhler

Year of production: 2008

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While in residency at the Experimental Television Center in October 2008, I set about exploring the relationships between sound, image and the different ways that the signal flow could be affected in syncing the two elements. This video is a result of that experimentation: using source video from the sound sculpture “A Sound Garden” in Seattle, I “cut out” parts of the video image and inserted in tandem live video of myself playing the musical saw, along with an input from the “Wobulator” (the Paik-Abe Raster Scan Device, co-designed by Nam June Paik and Shuya Abe). The signals of these two inserted video elements are switched by the relative amplitude of the audio input from the saw performance.

Keywords: Experimental Television Center, ETC, saw, Nam June Paik, Shuya Abe, Paik-Abe, Wobulator, landscape, Seattle, Sound Garden, sound sculpture, Doug Hollis, keyer

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