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Marcantonio Lunardi

Year of production: 2011

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trilogy of decadence 2 - Suspension "Suspension" express the author’s mood squeezed between the social condition and the political situation around him. This work is based on a waiting condition: the Italian citizens expect long since that something changes. Today each home, each family has one or, many time, more TV. But TV, since the late ’80, became a sounding-board of a culture full of superficiality, degrade, destruction of each ethic form. At the beginning the voice of the leader is clear but quickly becomes distorted, chaotic, incomprehensible and changes in a continuous background noise that accompanies the daily life of all Italian families. The meaning of his words becomes unimportant because citizens feel his speech like a disharmonic interference with their lives. Each protagonist observes the viewer with an attitude of expectation and an underlying question: “Will anything change?” But change seems impossible because TV get the upper hand. The final epiphany of the leader dominates the viewer, transforming him in a player of the drama on the screen.

Keywords: berlusconi, italia, crisis, politics, video art, television, media,

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